How exciting! And perhaps frightening? The process seems easy according to Zillow. Search around, find a home you like (hopefully the data is correct and up to date), contact the Realtor listed, and… have you reached the Realtor with the listing who is employed by the seller, a Realtor advertising with the company site, or perhaps a Realtor outside the area of your choice? Who would represent your best interests?

  • Whether you are a young couple excited to get started on buying your first home.
  • Expecting your first child and want to move to a larger home with a yard, or
  • Perhaps you have been recently divorced and have not been active in the home buying process for many years.

You probably have a lot of questions, or may not even know the questions to ask.

Brent understands this, and will help you understand and negotiate the entire home buying process, so you can make the best decisions and choices for you.

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